Blazing Fire Church is a church on fire with the passionate gaze of Jesus!  We get our name from Revelation 1:14 which describes how Jesus is coming back for his Bride, the Church, with eyes of Blazing Fire--His singular, focused gaze of love upon us!

Blazing Fire is a gathering of people who have decided that nothing less than the Lord’s presence will do. It is a culture saturated in love, grace and honor!  The outcome of this atmosphere is people who are walking in a heightened awareness and enjoyment of the Father’s deep love and affection.  This closer intimacy with the Lord leads to greater freedom than they previously knew was possible, resulting in a release of the love and power of Jesus everywhere they go.  They are walking out the fullness of their destiny as world-changers!  


Our Vision:  “Encountering God’s Transforming Presence 

             Enjoying Kingdom Life as His Family &

                 Awakening & Equipping World Changers”


Our Worship Service

Although every Saturday night worship service is unique, certain elements usually take place.  We begin at 6 p.m. with passionate worship that lasts an hour or even more.  Since the Lord’s sweet presence is our goal, we are in no hurry to move on to other things when His Spirit is touching our hearts!  Typically we then hear testimonies of God’s miraculous healing power—we are definitely seeing a measurable increase in God’s Kingdom being released here on earth as it is in heaven!  The preaching is massively encouraging, always drawing us to deeper encounters with the One who so dearly loves us.  Finally, there will nearly always be an opportunity for you to receive prayer for healing, hope or whatever else your Father has in store for you!  It is a full evening—a full course meal served by God to satisfy our deepest longings for Him!

With gratitude in our hearts for what the Lord has already done, we now have a continual expectancy for even more of the Lord’s sweet and glorious presence each and every time we gather.  We give the Holy Spirit permission to move as He wants and we have made the decision to roll out the red carpet to Him!  He has graciously responded to our desire by magnifying Jesus in our midst and convincing us of the extravagant love of our Father!

If you have not worshipped in a place where people are encouraged to love God freely with passion, it may seem a bit unusual at first.  But God is irresistibly drawn to those who worship him in Spirit and in truth, so even if such expressive worship is new to you, soon you will be deeply touched by the tangible love of the Father who wants you with all of His heart!

By the way, dress is very casual.

Please check out our Children's section under "Ministries" to find out more about what God is doing with our children. Our children worship with us for about the first 40 min. and are then released to class. There will be announcement on the overhead when it's time to go sign them in: Go to the right of the stage where the breezeway leads outside.  Little Royals (2 1/2-5 yrs. old) and Nursery (when available) are in rooms behind the sanctuary. Trailblazers (6-12 yrs. old) will be taken to the corner room upstairs in the adjacent building.  Children experience God's love in amazing ways at Blazing Fire!


Our Covering

We are under the authority of Pastors Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church in Redding, California and in submission to their mission, which is “REVIVAL-The personal, regional and global expansion of God’s Kingdom through His manifest presence.”  Bethel’s web site is http://www.ibethel.org.