Blazing Fire Family Connection   

Choosing to Belong

Brent & Suzanne Lokker began Blazing Fire Church in November of 2001 with a small group of people who were passionate to experience God and be part of worldwide revival.  We want to invite you to belong with our ever-growing family and experience with us deep connection the way you were created to.  We will live out a shared purpose together that is focused on real relationship with the Lord and with each other. In the process, we will all be encouraged—and challenged at times—to grow, flourish and be responsible with what God has entrusted to us.  We want the greatness in one another to shine out!
Blazing Fire Church will continue to warmly welcome anyone who simply wants to enjoy the presence of God with us in our worship services. For those, however, who desire to belong to our Blazing Fire family in a more intentional and committed way, we invite you to choose to belong and grow with us. This will help us know “where we stand” with each other to build trust and learn how to care for and honor each other. Genuine love and commitment is risky because it involves learning to open up our hearts to one another, but we believe the reward of living wholeheartedly with each other is worth the risk!

Understanding God’s Covenant with us:

Through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, God established a New Covenant of Grace with us (Luke 22:20), promising to do for us what we could never do for ourselves.  This New Covenant guarantees that our Heavenly Father will always love and accept us no matter what and that He is always working in our lives to bring about the best for us (Romans 8:28).  Though God chose us before the foundation of the world to be His (Ephesians 1:4), we enter His Covenant of Grace when we agree that Jesus’ sacrifice was enough to set us free and when we put our trust in Jesus as our Lord & Savior.  By entering into this covenant with God we agree that we belong to Him forever.  And by nature of our co-inclusion in Christ, we also belong to one another. (Romans 12:5)

How to Intentionally Belong to God’s Family (through the New Covenant established by Jesus):

1.    Place your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior (Romans 10:9-10).  
2.    Be water baptized as a believer (Acts 2:38).  The act of baptism is coming into full agreement with the New Creation you have become in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).  That newness of life is what allows the grace of Jesus to transform you.
Once your heart is alive to God, these become priorities:

  • Grow through cultivating your heart connection with each Person of the Trinity and by giving God access to heal your heart, connect you to your true self (who God created you to be) and transform you to be more and more like Jesus.

  • Live in awareness that we are not independent “Lone Rangers”, but part of the worldwide and eternal Body of Jesus.


How to Live Out Father God’s Dream for His Children

God is the Father of all (Ephesians 3:14-15) and it is His dream for us as His children to love one another deeply as a family.  Living connected to each other in meaningful relationships requires intentionality and commitment.  This is why choosing to belong to a church family is so significant. 
Our covenant with God and our commitment to one another work to shape our culture and our community.  Knowing there is always grace as we grow in learning how to do life together, we affirm that:
a.    We belong to one another (Romans 12:5)
b.    In authentic relationships, we add to one another.
c.     We need each other—everyone is important.
d.    We are for each other.
e.    We value intimacy (allowing others to see what is happening in our hearts) and transparency (being real).
f.      We will learn and use healthy relationship tools to “keep our love on” with one another.
g.    We will choose to stay connected, working through conflicts to a mutual, healthy resolution.

How to Intentionally Belong to our Blazing Fire Family

In order to live out the Father’s dream to love others deeply as a family, it is vitally important to choose to belong and to invest yourself in a community where there are real relationships that will facilitate that growth.  If you want to experience this as part of our family…
1.    Make a decision in your heart that you want to belong with us and experience deeper and more significant relationships in our Blazing Fire family.  (See the statement at the end of this document: Blazing Fire Family Connection: Choosing to Belong)
2.    If you are new to our Blazing Fire culture, attend a class related to our Blazing Fire Family Connection.  This will be offered approximately every 6 months.
3.    Publicly make known your desire for deeper heart connection with us as your Blazing Fire family during one of our worship services.

The Benefits and Responsibilities of Belonging to our Blazing Fire Family

1.    Live in a Holy Spirit led environment to grow in your love for God and others.
2.    Have a greater sense of belonging.
3.    Experience a safe atmosphere to heal, mature and impact society wherever you are.
4.    Develop in a culture of support and encouragement to help you know your true identity in Christ and know your value for what God has entrusted to you to release to others.
5.    Add your value to others as they add their value to you. (Not a consumer mentality where you only belong to an organization for as long as they meet your needs)
6.    Receive loving and honest feedback from Blazing Fire leadership to help you mature and grow.
7.    Experience greater accountability, because when you are in deeper relationship with people you care about, you become more aware of how much your life truly impacts others.
8.    Be an active part of the mission of Blazing Fire Church to encounter God, learn to love well in our family and be awakened to His passion within you to change the world.
9.    Grow in our Kingdom-based core values that are life giving wherever you are.
10. Be part of a small home group, ministry group or accountability group where you will know others and be known by them to learn and grow and mature in a healthy and life-giving atmosphere.
11. Live out shared responsibility for upholding our core values and implementing the vision of Blazing Fire Church.  This includes investing your time, your passion, your skills, and your generous financial giving towards our shared mission.

Our Mission:

Encountering God’s Transforming Presence
Enjoying Kingdom Life as His family &
Awakening & Equipping World Changers! 


Our Core Values


1. Enjoying the intimate presence of our good and loving Father.
2. Celebrating our freedom and healing paid for in full by Jesus.
3. Following Holy Spirit’s brilliant leading.
4. Affirming the intrinsic worth in all people.
5. Living life whole-heartedly.
6. Choosing connection as the family of God.
7. Participating in God’s ever-expanding Kingdom.

Our Vision:


Irresistibly drawn by God’s passionate fiery love, our lives become expressions of His love everywhere we go.  Some particular expressions of our Blazing Fire family are:


1.    Prayer/Intercession—Communicating with God. Hearing His heart and using our voices in proclamations and declarations to release heaven on earth.  (Matthew 6:9-13; 16:19)
2.    Prophecy—Calling out the treasures in people by discerning and speaking the true voice and heart of God.  We do this to build up, encourage and help bring clarity and fullness to God’s purposes. (1 Corinthians 14:1,3)
3.    Healing—Receiving healing from Jesus and releasing his healing everywhere we go. (Matthew 8:16-17)
4.    Evangelism—Introducing pre-believers to the real Jesus and reconciling them as sons and daughters of their heavenly Father through kindness, love and power. (Luke 14:21)
5.    Children & Youth Revival Culture—Young burning ones changing the face of the earth with their zeal and love for Jesus.  (1 Timothy 4:12, Psalm 145:4,13)
6.    City Impact—God loves cities!  Get His heart for your city.  Do something to bless it and usher in God’s Kingdom.


If You Should Choose to Move on from our Blazing Fire Family

We believe it’s God’s desire that the heart connections within our church family would be so life giving that future generations would desire to remain and flourish.  True heart connections don’t ever go away.  We also understand that, for some, belonging to our Blazing Fire family will be a particular season of your life.  God can call you away because of a geographical move or for other reasons. If this happens, to honor your heart connection with us, we ask you to let the Blazing Fire Church leadership know about your plans to leave.  And, if possible, please allow us to be part of those times of transition.  We much prefer sending someone with a blessing rather than wondering what happened to someone who left with no “good bye”. 


Blazing Fire Leadership

As you consider your choice to belong to our Blazing Fire family, it would be understandable for you to want to know about our leadership structure and accountability.
Blazing Fire is under the authority of Bill Johnson & Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  We are part of Global Legacy—a worldwide relational network of churches under the apostolic leadership of Bill Johnson and Bethel Church.  Our intentional accountability to them is clearly stated in our bylaws and lived out in an ongoing, real relationship with them.
Each of Blazing Fire Church’s pastors is ordained through The River International Revival Network under the leadership of Rich & Lindy Oliver.  We are relationally connected with Rich & Lindy.
Blazing Fire Church is elder run but under the guidance of the wisdom of our Board of Directors.  Currently, our Board consists of Roger Lewis, Bill & Carol Dew, and Brent & Suzanne Lokker.  Brent & Suzanne have a shared, deep relationship with our board members that is decades long.  We have sought their wisdom in directional matters to be sure we are hearing clearly from God.
Our current elder team consists of Todd & Karena Lout, Russ & Susan Fochler and Brent & Suzanne Lokker.  We have been deeply relationally connected for over a decade.


Blazing Fire Family Connection   
Choosing To Belong

Understanding we are already in covenant with each other through our unity in Christ, I choose to belong to our Blazing Fire family. I embrace the adventure of learning to live in committed relationships within our church family. I want to grow and flourish here.  I will allow God to heal the places in my heart that would cause disconnection and to teach me how to love well in my relationships.  Because I am a significant part of our family, who I am and what I do matters.  Therefore, in our Blazing Fire family relationships, I will love, honor, celebrate, encourage and add value.   To do this, I don’t look to my own capabilities but I look to my Covenant-making, Covenant-keeping God.  I look to Jesus – full of grace and truth – Who is the author and finisher of my faith.   

Psalm 92:13

Those who are planted in the house of the Lord
Shall flourish in the courts of our God.


If this statement expresses your desire, please contact us and let us know at
We will promptly communicate back with you.