Welcome to Heart Trek

Blazing Fire’s Heart Trek is an inner healing and deliverance ministry.   We are all on a heart journey towards greater wholeness and deeper connection with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  In a Heart Trek session, we help you engage the different aspects of your heart – with Jesus.  Jesus is not waiting for us to “get it all together”.   Instead, Jesus is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” for us and with us in our “heart trek”.   Jesus comes to “bind up” – to re-connect the disconnected parts of our heart.  He also comes to set us free from captivity to evil spiritual beings and to free any parts of our heart that have been “stuck” in unresolved trauma (see Isaiah 61 and Luke 4).

Heart Trek is ministered typically by a team of 2 people and may last 2-3 hours.  It is not a time of counseling, prophecy, or intercessory prayer.  Instead, it is about relationship/communication with the internal community of your own heart and Jesus.   Each Heart Trek session is a unique, Holy Spirit-led experience.  

Heart Trek sessions are available by appointment to anyone who believes in Jesus and follows Him as their savior and king.  We know the One who created us and loves us – is touching us, drawing us long before we ever say “yes” to Jesus.  And Jesus will respond to those who call out to Him for help.  However, we’ve found that Heart Trek is not effective for those who do not want to engage with Jesus.

You do not need to attend Blazing Fire to receive this ministry through us.  

There is a $75 suggested donation to Blazing Fire Church per session to help support this ministry.  However, we offer Heart Trek regardless of someone’s capacity to make a donation.  

To request a Heart Trek or to learn more about it, please click this link: HeartTrek@BlazingFire.org to send an email